SOLD Americana Expanding Star Quilt


As featured in Country Homes and Interiors and Period Living

Exhibited at Festival of Quilts 2016 as part of the Quilters Guild 'Talking Quilts' Gallery

 Material: 100% pure cotton including the wadding

Dimension: various-select above

Limited edition

Narrative and story plays a central role in informing Jennifer's work, spending hours researching historical archive for quilt patterns from the c.18. and c.19.

Expanding Star, also known as Sawtooth Star it is a traditional American quilt pattern dating from the late 1800s. This exquisite handmade quilt is inspired by an historical quilt from 1890 to 1900 which was originally made from wool. Jennifer's gorgeous handmade quilt has a contemporary interpretation with 1950's style florals and English Country gingham. The stitching is created using a free-hand meandering puzzle design which takes years to master. These stitches will hold the three layers of your exquisite artisan quilt for many years to come. The binding (trim) has been double folded with beautiful mitered corners for a stunning finish. This beautiful handmade quilt is an investment that will be in your family for many generations to come and as a future heirloom and the quality is reflected. This luxurious handmade quilt would add a homely feel to a modern or traditional home.

Please note that the binding is now stitched by hand for that extra personal touch





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