Why We Are Different

Handmade. Our luxurious handmade patchwork quilts are individually and expertly made using superior craftsmanship with care and attention to detail, with hand stitching. Each beautiful quilt is different and unique, made with love like a work of art.

Limited Edition. We only handcraft 9 of each patchwork quilt and cushion making them all, limited and exclusive. Our stunning products are not ubiquitous, they are individual and rare, just as you are.

Made in England – We cannot compete with quilts that are mass produced in China and India so we don't try to. Instead we focus on high-end handmade patchwork quilts for discerning clients, using the highest quality materials and craftmanship. We think it is important to support British craft. All of our patchwork quilts and cushions are made by us in England.

Historic Designs. Jennifer spends hours researching historical records and references to find the most beautiful quilt designs, which inspires her to create exquisite patchwork quilts with our own contemporary twist.

Natural. We use 100% pure soft cotton and natural materials such as linen and silk. This includes the thread. All of our quilts are filled with either pure natural cotton, wool or cotton and or bamboo.

Quality. We pride ourselves on our high quality. Our stunning quilts are family heirlooms, that will last several life times. Each quilt is bound by a double folded edge which means that fabric is folded twice around the edges for extra durability and then stitched by hand. All of our quilts are stitched extensively with the finest stitching to ensure each layer is held together for many years to come. Vintage and Floral patchwork quilts are handmade to last as family heirlooms.

Bespoke/ Custom. We know one size does not fit all, so we offer a professional bespoke/ custom service where we can make your stunning quilt to any size for the perfect fit. We can also add beautiful initials or full name as well as that special date.

Specialists. We specialise in combining English style with antique and vintage American patchwork patterns, using traditional processes to maintain the art of this heritage craft

Exclusivity. All of our patchwork quilts and cushions are designed and made by Vintage and Floral, you won't find them anywhere else

Ethical – We care about the environment. We have an organic patchwork quilt baby collection and many of our quilts are filled with bamboo which is anti-bacterial and environmentally friendly. Historically, quilt makers were very frugal with their cloth. We share the same philosophy and aim to produce a minimum amount of waste

Helping those in need - A percentage of all sales is donated to the charity Wise Dolls, which helps women and their children fleeing domestic abuse