Luxury Keepsake Memorial Quilts to Honour and Celebrate

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"Having lost both of my parents, I personally understand how precious the clothing, soft furnishings and cloth that belonged to your dear loved ones can mean to you. These personal items hold so much memories and emotional attachments it can be difficult to decide what to do with them. Let me help you celebrate their life and honour their memory with a memorial quilt.

With great care and expert craftmanship I can take your personal cloth and handcraft a beautiful precious memorial quilt or cushion for you to treasure forever. Quilts were traditionally made for loved ones so are a perfect way to wrap yourself in the warmth of their memory.

Please don't worry if you only have a small number of items as I can work alongside you to choose high quality cloth to compliment your memory quilt. I only use 100% natural materials. 

I always find it an honour and a privilege to handcraft beautiful memorial quilts and my talent for design and expert craftmanship will ensure the outcome is superb"

Jennifer x

 Design Process

Jennifer has an extensive collection of designs to choose from for your memory quilt. She is also happy to work with a design that may have caught your eye on our website, in an exhibition, a magazine, book or the web. We source high-end and designer fabrics in cotton, linen and silk (including handwoven silk) if you need additional cloth for your memorial quilt. We can also ethically source organic cloth  hand dyed with non synthetic dyes. We can also provide cloth hand dyed by us in natural indigo and English Woad. Jennifer will take all your ideas and will lovingly produce a number of sketches to choose from. Once you are completely satisfied with your choice, she will give you a schedule of work with timescales and will set to work producing your precious memory quilt.

What is your turnaround time?
Our current time from consultation to your finished memorial quilt is four- five months. If you have a tight deadline, then speak to us and we will do our best to help you.

How many items of clothing will I need?

Below is a rough guide:

Cushion 16'x 16'- 2-3 items of clothing

Cushion 18' x18' 3-5 items of clothing

Cushion 20' x20' 5-6 items of clothing

Throw 150 x 185cm- 20-30 items of clothing

Single - 185 x200cm -30-40 items of clothing

Small Double-200 x 200cm- 40-50 items of clothing

Double- 200 x 220- 50-60 items of clothing

How much will my Memorial Quilt cost?

As each quilt is unique to you and therefore individually handmade, we are unable to give you an exact quote. The price will depend on your choice of quilt design, size, any -additional fabric you might need and quilting finish. As bespoke handmade memory quilts are made to your specific requirements, please expect to pay more than you would for a ready-made quilt or one which is mass produced in the UK or abroad.

Quilt size                  Bed size             Guide Price

185 x 200 cm             Large Throw       £395-£495

200 x 200 cm             Small Double      £520-£620

200 x 220 cm             Double                 £650-£850                   

220 x 220 cm             Queen                  £895-£1100    

220 x 240 cm              King                    £1150-£1450 

240 x 240 cm             Super King          £1495-2000 

Cushions are priced between £80-£150

We require a 50% deposit once we have agreed the design with you. The remaining balance is due four weeks before completion.

How to Contact Us

To begin the journey of owning a very special memorial quilt made from the precious clothing of your loved one is easier than you might think and begins with a conversation with us.

You can speak to us on 0207 6663347 or email or fill in the form below and Jennifer will personally get back to you to discuss your requirements.