Textile Artist and Patchworker - Jennifer Campbell Kirk- London Craft Week 2017- May 8, 2017 19:57

As part of London Craft Week, Jennifer opened the doors of her virtual London quilt studio to take you on a journey behind the scenes where she beautifully handcrafts fine patchwork quilts handmade to order.

Jennifer's craft is deeply rooted in history and narrative taking inspiration from historical quilts and patterns from 1750 to 1950, looking at the significance of the names behind these antique quilts.

Jennifer often likes to experiment with mark-making as inspiration for her handmade quilts. Here is a rare opportunity to see one of Jennifer's art work which she created using inks and wooden blocks for mark making. She originally trained as an Arts Therapist so no surprise here that she took inspiration from Hermann Rorschach's psychological inkblot tests. It is entitled 'The Grid'

Follow Jennifer's journal for more rare behind the scenes peek into her individual and passionate work of her gorgeous handmade quilts.