Wedding Guest Signature Quilt - A Beautiful Poem Written by- Janet Hindley January 3, 2016 17:24

Happy New Year 2016! - Bepoke Wedding Quilt Commission

Wow! what a way to start the year! It is not very often that I find myself lost for words but this poem by one of my lovely clients, who was the mother of the groom, Janet Hindley has done just that!

Janet, commissioned me to make her son and daughter-in-law-to be a beautiful handmade wedding guest signature quilt to capture the memories and well wishes of friends and family in such a personal and sentimental way. It can be difficult as mother of the groom or as mother of the bride to find the perfect wedding gift. A bespoke wedding guest quilt is a perfect wedding gift as it captures very special memories of the day and will be a family heirloom. 

I spent 18 months working with Janet, her lovely daughter in-law and her son to handcraft this wonderful bespoke quilt in their Wimbledon wedding colours.

Janet's squares were decorated in beautiful embroidery to represent her late mother so that she too was included in the wedding quilt. This is one of the most wonderful things I love about quilts. They connect people across time and tell their own stories.

You might want to get the kleeneze ready, I know I certainly did....
Here's is Janet's poem of how much making this exquisite bespoke handmade Wedding guest quilt for her and her family meant to her:

The Quilter

(Inspired by and dedicated to Jennifer Campbell Kirk for the quilt made to celebrate the wedding on 23rd August 2015 of Julian Hindley and Michelle McNamara)

Stories stitched with every thread.
Heirlooms created in silk and cotton
of memories, events and words unsaid

Events now tangible, n’ere forgotten.
Love made eternal by her skill
as the quilter weaves her magic spell;
Cutting, stitching to fulfil
celebrations, that only time will tell

Their stories, of ordinary folk
with every cut and every stitch.
But by her skills this quilt, bespoke,
their stories forever will bewitch.

Oh, Quilter! Do you really realise
the magic weaved twixt your fingers and eyes?

by Janet Hindley

I feel so honoured to have had the privilege to handcraft such a wonderful wedding gift to to a lovely family. 

Jennifer x


If you would like to commission Jennifer to handcraft a bespoke handmade Wedding Signature Quilt especially for you or a loved one. Please contact us on 0207 6663347 to discuss your requirements.