A life Well Lived August 6, 2015 23:41

Today my mother-in-law Phoebe would have been 85 years old. It has been 40 days now since she passed away and my heart is still sadden by such a great loss.

Phoebe taught me how to quilt and was such a great teacher and mentor. Not only was she an accomplished quilter - where she would be flown to Houston, Texas to the biggest quilt show in the world to run demonstrations at the festival. She also picked up awards for her work too.  Phoebe lived in Hollywood for many years with my husband when he was a young boy, where she became well known as a talented wig maker. Phoebe hand made the wig for the hero in the classic film, 'A Man Called Horse'. Who would forget the chilling scene of the hero taking part in a ritual to become a Native American warrior? Amazing film!

Phoebe also made several of the wigs for the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie with Charlton Heston, as well as the beards for the astronauts.


She also made Spock's beard for the unforgettable Star Trek episode 'Mirror Mirror' depicting the evil alternate universe.


Phoebe was also very gifted in hand embroidery and created beautiful quilts incorporating this skillful technique. One of my favourites features birds of north america (she was an avid birdwatcher!) like the blue jay artistically embroidered onto this quilt.


Phoebe was also a fine artist and painted several landcapes and portraits. She will be truly missed. I am delighted our paths crossed and that she blessed this world with her wonder-full generous heart and talents. A life well lived.