Love at first Stitch: Why I use Aurifil Thread March 23, 2015 21:57

I was introduced to Aurifil thread by Cotton Patch at a craft show some years ago and since then I’ve never looked back.  When I first started quilting, my main priority was fabric. I would buy high quality and designer fabric that was 100% cotton. I wasn’t too fused about which thread I used so long as it was pure cotton purchased at John Lewis. I thought that all cotton threads were created equal until I started to notice that my sewing machine would frequently build-up lint. This meant I had to clean my machine every 4 to 5 days which soon became a laborious task. I also noticed that during free-motioning quilting (a technique where the needle of the machine is used liked a pencil to draw stitched designs) the threads would break despite changing the needle for a larger one.

“I just love the way it runs through the machine!

By the time I got to the craft show I was pulling my hair out and thinking – 'What threads do other quilters use? There must be a better way'. The woman at the Cotton Patch stand was very helpful despite my look of skepticism when she told me Aurifil was the only thread she used, as she ‘just loves the way it runs through the machine’. The reason I was such a skeptic was because, by then I had tried several brands. Now, I am not completely knocking the brands I tried, as they were fine for piecing (sewing fabric pieces together) and as a top thread but for use in your bobbin and free-motion – forget it!

‘Okay, I said, I will give it a try’ and left with two spools in white and grey. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. The thread stopped breaking and the lint stopped building. I was amazed.

Now I know this sounds like a plug for Aurifil but this is my honest opinion. I promise you….Ring Cotton Patch and ask them which thread the lady with the short blond hair uses? – she will tell you! Better still, if you sew, try it yourself and leave me a comment at the end of this post.

Not surprising, I started to become curious about Aurifil  and wanted to know what makes their thread so different.  I found out that they are an Italian company based near Milano and specialise in producing quality cotton threads for quilters, so they know the common problems we face. Their threads are made from superior long staple Egyptian Mako Cotton, which is grown in a similar way to wine grapes and apparently it is the actual climate that creates the quality of the thread! Also their cotton is double mercerised a process which makes the cotton, stronger, smoother and shiner. This is why breakages are almost non-existent and why my bobbin is virtually lint free. As I have less broken needles and tension issues, I have noticed these days that my machine is much happier.

The Aurifil threads come in a variety of weights and in over 250 colours which means I am more likely to be able to match the thread to my fabric creating a flawless finish.


 So whats all this fuss about the thread?

Well, the thread is important because this is what holds the three layers of the quilt together. It is the holding of these layers that ensures your quilt will last several lifetimes as an heirloom. I spend countless hours making a quilt, it is hard work, but I love it as I am creating something with my hands.  It is so important to me that all the materials I use are of the highest quality. For this reason I only use Aurifil thread unless I run out (but this is very rare!). Quilts are an investment of my time, creativity and energy so why should I settle for anything less?


I love Aurifil thread so much that I recently approached them to collaborate with me. You can imagine how I felt when they said yes!!!- Every now and then they kindly donate their fabulous thread for my projects. I know what your thinking but like I said, this is not a plug. I am not paid by Aurifil to write this post nor did they ask me too...I just genuinely love their thread!