Press Release: Spring/Summer 2015 Collection February 16, 2015 19:07

Vintage and Floral has launched its much anticipated Spring/Summer 2015

collection. These exquisite limited edition handmade quilts, are inspired by

the bold geometric lines and solid colour of American Amish designs and

have a timeless contemporary look.


Founder and Patchwork Quilt-Maker, Jennifer Campbell Kirk says,

'We've spent hours researching the historical designs of the Amish community

in Pennsylvania and have captured the utilitarian spareness and simplicity of  

style of this unique artisan look. Reflecting the subtle cool tones and earthy

colours and our own superior craftsmanship. The result is an on-trend collection

that is effortlessly contemporary and timeless at the same time.'

Vintage and Floral quilts are all handmade in the UK with a double bound edge

for durability and finished with hand stitching. They are made from 100% pure

natural materials including linen, cotton and bamboo making them antibacterial

to aid a good nights sleep.

These beautiful quilts are cool in the summer and provide an extra layer in

colder months. Cot to King sizes are available.