Shibori Love! September 9, 2014 22:18

In the summer as a birthday treat to myself I spent five days stitching, clamping, binding, scrunching and dyeing cloth using an ancient Japanese dye-resist technique called Shibori which means 'to squeeze' or 'wring'.



This textile tradition is also used in many other parts of the world including West Africa, India, South as well as North America. The Indigo comes from a variety of plant sources and is one of the oldest dyes to be used in textile dyeing.



The cloth is saturated into Indigo dye or Woad (a European version of Indigo which is more turquoise in colour) and the parts where the dye cannot reach creates the most beautiful organic patterns.



This stunning ancient technique has been the inspiration behind my new collection of  one of a kind hand dyed and hand quilted Shibori Cushions