Back from Texas February 9, 2014 22:37

I had such an memorable visit recently to Dallas, Texas where I caught up with my mother-in-law and spent hours fabric buying for my next collection and sharing new patchwork and quilting ideas.


I had a particularly inspiring time when we visited my uncle-in -law, her older brother who shared his exquisite heirloom collection of vintage patchwork quilts, made by his late wife, my mother-in-law and other family members. Quilts circa 1930s-1950s

A lovely hand stitched antique quilt covered with pastel hearts, hand appliqued using the beautiful blanket stitch. It would have made a perfect gift for a loved one on Valentines Day. This quilt is so old, you can see the discolouration at the bottom of the photograph.

A beautiful Churn Dash Album quilt signed by friends

This beautiful quilt with hand embroidered birds was made by my mother-in-law

This is a classic Strip quilt, which was really popular after the second world war, as frugal women only needed strips or small pieces of fabric to make beautiful quilts to keep themselves and their family warm.


This gorgeous Sampler quilt with a stunning paisley border, inspired me to learn American patchwork, when I visited my mother-in-law a few years ago to begin my journey and love affair with patchwork and quilting. I would spend 8-9 hours a day learning from my mother-in-law how to create these beautiful blocks. It gives me goose bumps just looking at this quilt as it reminds me of such a special time.


Here's my mother-in-law's sewing room, where I learnt how to patchwork on this vintage Pfaff sewing machine

My mother-in-law, working out on her rowing machine. I can't believe she is 83 years old!

And just in case your curious..... this is me with my gorgeous hubby, standing outside my mother-in-laws home