Quilt Care: How to care for your Patchwork Quilt December 30, 2013 09:33

Here at Vintage and Floral we believe that handmade patchwork quilts are family heirlooms which if made well and are looked after, can be passed down your family for several generations. A fine quality handmade quilt is an investment and will set you back several hundred pounds, so you are probably going to want to take care of it. Whether you have purchased your quilt from us or from somewhere else, here are our top tips for keeping your heirloom quilt in mint condition.


1. Wash your quilt infrequently, two or three times a year should be enough. Try to only wash when you have to. The first wash will make your quilt look puckered if made from cotton and will give your quilt a crinkled antique look which we adore!

2. Use a vacuum to gently clean surface dust and dirt

3. Use non biological detergent

4. We recommend you do not dry clean

5. Wash at 30c or cold water

6. Use a gentle short wash cycle

7. Avoid placing your quilt in direct sunlight as this will cause the fabric to fade

8. Avoid drying on a washing line as the weight of the quilt when wet, places a strain on the stitches and fabric

9. The best place to store your patchwork quilt is on a bed. If this is not possible, then you can wrap in a pure cotton sheet or store in a pure cotton pillow protector. Ensure quilts are clean before storing to prevent moths and bugs ruining your quilt

10. Avoid storing in a plastic bag, quilts need to breath.

11. To avoid permanent creases which can damage the threads or cotton fibres in your quilt, occassionally refold your quilt a different way