London Craft Week- meet the quilt-maker May 5, 2016 23:13

  In celebration of the 2nd year of London Craft Week, Jennifer will be opening the virtual doors of her quilt studio to give you a rare peek behind the scenes.

Discover the British Quilt-Maker's creative design process, her ingenuity and expert skill in making luxury quilts of the highest quality.

Jennifer will give you VIP access into the magic of handcrafting bespoke /custom quilts to commission and will share why commissioning British craft especially commissioning quilts is much easier than you might think.

Go on a hidden journey with Jennifer as she invites you into her intimate world of quilt making. She will share her passion on how she starts a quilt project drawing upon historical inspirations that go from sketch to handmade heirloom for sale here on her website.

Discover how her passion for handmade and bespoke quilts deeply rooted in histories and stories from 1750 to 1950 re-interprets antique quilts for contemporary design, sort after by private and commercial clients.

Meet Jennifer and step into her exquisite world of quilts.