Our Mission

Our mission is to create exquisite, handcrafted quilts that tell unique stories, bring warmth to homes, and provide comfort during times of loss. We blend traditional patchwork techniques with contemporary aesthetics, honoring the past while embracing innovation. Through our artistry, we preserve history, celebrate personal narratives, and create timeless heirlooms.



Jennifer is a London based British patchwork quilt maker who was taught by her late Texan mother-in-law after losing both parents in quick succession in 2011. From bereavement to business patchwork put the pieces of Jennifer's life back together again.
Her practice seeks to blur the boundaries between craft and art and Jennifer uses traditional patchwork methods passed down to her by her late mother-in-law; as was the tradition whereby the knowledge of quilt making was passed down from one woman to another.
She is an expert in making Wedding Quilts including Autograph/Signature quilts, Keepsake Memory Quilts and Memorial Quilts from the clothing of a loved one who has passed away.

Stitching Stories, Weaving Memories

Crafting Quilts that Embrace History, Preserve Memories, and Warm Hearts for Generations