About Jennifer and her Handmade Quilts

Jennifer Campbell Kirk is the patchwork quilt-maker, published textile designer and artist behind Vintage and Floral. She was taught the art of patchwork and quilting by her late Texan mother-in-law (who was 81-years old at the time!) after losing both parents in quick succession and launched her business at Somerset House, London in 2013. 
Jennifer found quilting so therapeutic that she would spend 8-9 hours a day sewing- she was hooked; quilts became her therapy and probably saved her life. In memory of her parents and now in memory of her late mother-in-law, Jennifer produces nine of each quilt from her  annual collection, making them limited editions and a family heirloom. 
With a background in working with museums (she also trained as a therapist...more on that later!) her practice is deeply rooted in history and narrative taking inspiration from historical quilt collections and patterns dated from 1750 to 1950, looking at the significance of the names and stories behind traditional American and British quilts.
Jennifer re-interprets these timeless quilts with a contemporary aesthetic using sustainable cloth were possible including hand dying in natural indigo and woad as well as working with linen, silk, wool, bamboo, organic cotton, vintage and antique textiles.
Working with traditional patchwork methods blurring the boundaries between craft and art, Jennifer fuses the industrial use of a sewing machine with traditional hand quilting and stitching.
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      indigo silk cushion featured in stylist