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"Jennifer, the quilt is beautiful..thank you!". D.Elvin QC, London

 "Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. It’s like a work of art. It will take pride of place on our bed and hopefully will become a treasured family heirloom." Jessica, Wiltshire


    Jennifer Campbell Kirk is a high-end British patchwork quilt-maker based in Regent Street, London. She doesn't just make artisan quilts but connects people, place and time through her exquisite handmade craft. Jennifer's artisan quilts are deeply rooted in history and stories from 1750 to 1950. Jennifer also makes patchwork cushions, memory keepsake quilts from baby clothes, memorial quilts from the clothing of a loved one and wedding guest book quilts. Her work has been featured on ITV, and in far too many home interior and quilting magazines to mention.

    Each contemporary bespoke/ custom made quilt she makes is handmade to your exact requirements and is a family heirloom quilt made to last several lifetimes. Jennifer's quilts are of the finest quality. They are an investment which is reflected in the price you might expect to pay for a quilt of the finest quality.

    Jennifer also designs a small collection of luxury handmade quilts for sale online here which are handmade to order in limited runs.

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